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New York, NY

Moriba Cummings

Moriba is currently a staff writer at, and is a 2014 graduate of Morehouse College where he was awarded a Bachelors of Arts in English, with a minor in Journalism. He served as Arts & Entertainment editor of The Maroon Tiger, and prior to holding this position, Moriba served as staff writer, and associate copy editor. Moriba has served as a two-time editorial intern at and an editorial intern at the Music, Entertainment & Lifestyle dept. at the cohort of BET Networks.


Progression Over Fear: The Birth of LGBT Acceptance in Hip-Hop

Sexuality through the lens of hyper-masculinity has had its struggle with fitting into the world's natural progression for decades — particularly in hip-hop. Once upon a time, the idea of being outwardly queer while simultaneously being a thriving member of the hip-hop community was considered a death sentence both literally and figuratively. Link to Story

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Celebrity Reactions to Michael Brown: The Dialogue Must Continue

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Brainwashed: The Double Standards of Sexual Expression in Popular Music

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Iggy Azalea: The White and Wrong Reasons Behind Her Success

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‘I Luh Ya Papi’: J.Lo’s Futile Attempt at Male ‘Objectification’

The video's concept was halfway executed with less focus put on “male objectification” and more on “male fetishization.”
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'The College Dropout' Turns 10!

It serves as quite a rarity for any musician of contemporary times to release an album that not only is commemorated and remembered 10 years after its release, but is also considered a classic by hip hop’s meticulous standards.
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'Schoolin' Life': Celebrity Classroom Takeover

The power of the celebrity brand has surpassed the shallow paradigm of Hollywood superficiality and subsequently branched out into the nation’s education sector.
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[PDF] 'BEYONCÉ': A Manifesto of Unapologetic Feminist Expression

Beyoncé dropped a bomb encapsulated with refreshing blueprints of struggle and joy, unorthodox feministic paradigms, and altruistic approaches to self-love that made the world shudder in both shock and relief.
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[PDF] The Best Man Holiday: A Clear Portrayal of Black Excellence

Ahead of its release on Friday, Nov. 15, here is my review of soon-to-be holiday blockbuster The Best Man Holiday.
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Moriba Cummings

Moriba Anthony Cummings was born three months prior to his scheduled birth on August 28th in Queens, New York in 1991 to a mother and father of Trinidadian descent. After his premature birth, he returned to his parents’ homeland where he spent 17 years of his life experiencing the nation’s culture.

As the child of a single mother, Moriba constantly saw the quality in hard work and unabashed determination. His mother’s example taught him that anything can be achieved with sacrifice, hard work, and a kind spirit.

Throughout his high school career, Moriba developed an undying passion for English and the art of writing. As he approached the age of 18, Moriba decided to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta GA, to pursue his passion for Music Journalism.

Currently a 23-year-old graduate of Morehouse College, Moriba has accumulated a host of achievements and leadership positions, including being Arts & Entertainment Editor for The Maroon Tiger (Morehouse College’s official newspaper publication), a Vanguard Scholar, serving as Director of Communications of the Residence Hall Association, a tutor counselor for the Pre-Freshmen Summer Program, and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society as well as a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Moriba was also on the Honor Roll during the 2009-2010, 2011-2012, and 2013-2014 school years.

During his senior year, Moriba served his second year as resident advisor of the honors residence hall of Joseph T. Robert Hall at Morehouse, Moriba is always seeking avenues that will help him expand his brand as a writer and journalist with an unorthodox approach to writing; combining both his Creole (Caribbean) and American outlooks on life into one, he is able to examine the world through a unique lens. He ultimately strives to use his voice and writing talents professionally to the world of pop culture and music. With his thorough knowledge of various social media platforms and the world of pop culture and music, Moriba’s literary voice is sure to become universally recognized as an authoritative and innovative presence.

Professionally, Moriba has interned twice at CNN’s Headline News (HLN) Digitial (Summer 2012 and Spring 2013) and BET Networks in 2013 where he worked with highly experienced professionals who helped shape him into a premiere journalist. He wrote over 50 published news stories and opinion pieces for both digital platforms and gained immense knowledge from each highly experienced team.

At Morehouse College, Moriba served as the head Arts & Entertainment Editor of the campus’ official news publication, The Maroon Tiger.

Moriba has interviewed several high profile arts figures including Sevyn Streeter, B.o.B., Melanie Fiona, Lantana, Luke James,Nia Long, & Taye Diggs.

Currently, Moriba serves as a staff writer and freelance content contributor and producer for in the Music/Entertainment/Lifestyle, and News departments.



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